Are your donuts made fresh every day?

Yes, they are made fresh every day.

Are your donuts vegan?

No, our donuts are not vegan.

Do your donuts contain nuts?

Most of our donuts do not contain nuts however, as we work in a close environment kitchen we cannot guarantee that there may be instances of cross contamination as we do make donuts with nuts.  If you are highly allergic we ask that you do not eat our product.

Do you have gluten free donuts ?

No, we do not have gluten free donuts.

Are your donuts Halal?

Yes, a range of our donuts are Halal.  They are identified by a ‘H’ on our website and in store by the cabinet labels.

Do your donuts contain allergens?

Yes, some of our donuts contain known allergens such as wheat, egg, dairy and soy.  If you have food intolerances or are highly allergic we kindly ask you not consume our products.  An allergen chart can be found on our website.

How should you store the donuts?

Galactic Donuts should be eaten on the day of purchase, as they are made daily.   However, if you store them properly then they can be eaten the next day.  Any creams and mousse varieties should be stored in the fridge.  Remove 20 mins prior to eating so it comes down in temperature.  All other donuts can be stored in an airtight container and eaten the next day.

Do you use fresh cream in your donuts?

Yes, we do, however we mix it with some cream stabilisers and a cheesecake mix to the fruit flavours such as blueberry and cherry etc.


Galactic Donuts features a range of ambient and fresh cream and custard donuts with each delicious recipe carefully crafted to send your senses into orbit!