Galactic Donuts are here to help you with your fundraising goals and support the local community.

How It Works

  • You will be required to supply proof of charity or cause.
  • Your local store Manager will work through our fundraising process.
  • Our 6 pack of donuts allows your organisation to sell a voucher of 6 donuts for $19.90. You retain $10 for your charity or cause.
  • Once you have sold your vouchers, please contact us so we can arrange an invoice or come in store and finalise the account direct.
  • The customer can then come into the store and redeem their voucher at any time and choose from our full range of donuts.
galactic donuts fundraiser

We recently had fantastic success raising much needed funds for Love a Greyhound. The Galactic Donuts fundraiser has been the best fundraiser we have done by far. The margins the charity makes is incredible and it allows us to make a real difference for the dogs. Thank you Galactic Donuts for being such an incredible support for local causes.

~ Love A Greyhound Inc


Galactic Donuts features a range of ambient and fresh cream and custard donuts with each delicious recipe carefully crafted to send your senses into orbit!


Galactic Donut fundraiser is a must. From start to finish it is simple and easy. From the very start we were made welcome. We were talked through the whole process. We were emailed a tally sheet to use which made the fundraiser easier. We were able to get questions answered if we had any. The end result was amazing. At the end of the fundraiser is was simple to pick up the vouchers. For a small school we were happy with the amount of money we made. Thank you so much.


The Galactic Donuts fundraiser has been amazing for our kindy! Easy to organise, little effort involved, and a huge profit return! Definitely recommend the voucher fundraiser for your group!

It's International Picnic Day 🧺

All you need for the best picnic is some delicious sweet treats, and a beautiful spot outside...or even the couch will do 🤷 No judgement

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Craving a glazed?

Grab any of our glazed donuts for just $2.90 each right now!

T&Cs Apply:  Limit of 6 donuts per customer. Offer available in-store only until sold out.

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Meet our Choc Mint Cream 🍃🍫

Filled with fresh mint cream, topped with crushed Aero Bar and drizzled with chocolate ganache.

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Celebrate EOFY with Galactic Donuts!

Have you got an EOFY event coming up? Add some sweetness with donut catering 🍩

Our stores offer custom donut toppers, special catering prices, donut towers and specialty donuts.

Contact your local store to pre-order now

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Our Rockhampton store will be open tomorrow for the show holiday 🎡

Trading hours will be 9am to 3pm

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Chocolate on chocolate 🤝 
Custard-filled Bostons always hit the spot 👌

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